شركة الليان لخدمات الفحص الهندسي
شركه متخصصه في اعمال الفحص الموقعي
For Testing and Commissioning
اجراء الفحوصات الموقعيه للوحدات التوليديه
Generator, Generator Transformer, Auxiliary Transformer
Circuit Breaker, Bus Duct
اقامه دورات تدريبيه محليه وخارجيه ودعم فني
Training Course inside and outside Iraq
Technical Support 24/7
اجراء الفحوصات الموقعيه للشبكات الكهربائيه
Testing and Commission Switchyard
اجراء الفحوصات الموقعيه للشبكات الكهربائيه
Testing and Commissioning
اجراء الفحوصات الموقعيه للسويج كي
Testing and Commissioning Switchgear
اجراء الفحوصات الموقعيه للمنظومات المساعده
Testing and Commissioning
Auxiliary system
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About Us

We are Alleyan Company specialized in conducting onsite engineering testing works, our company was established in 2016, and it is registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade according to the attached certificate of registration, and we are located in Iraq – Baghdad – Al-Karrada Dakhil – Dist. 903 – Bldg. 40 . St. 13.

 New Our  Services

New Service #1

Black start system testing (0.4, 6.6 KV) if you have a black system (emergency power plant ) just contact us to support you for

1-Testing & commissioning

2-Maintenance & re-commissioning

3-Troubleshooting & analysis

4-Upgrade your system by installing a new system instead of an old system

New Service #2

Retrofit protection relay if you plan to replace the old type protection system with a new system just contact us to support you for 

1-Find equivalent model number 

2-Update setting file

3-Replace relay



New Service #3

Training course 

you team leader or big boss in your company and  interesting to learning your people (engineer, technician) just contact us to support you for 

1-Customize or standard training course 

2-Power system 

3-Short circuit faults in power system

Our Projects

Contact Us

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